Why ClaimCure?

“Why hasn’t there been any work on my accounts receivable?”

“Why are so many of my accounts older than 2 months?”

“No claim on file? What’s the deal?”

“Why are they sending so many of my patient statements late?”

Your Ability to Practice Medicine is the Direct Result and Product of Cash Flow!

Aging Accounts Receivable

Unfair Payment Practices

Late Reporting

These three headaches all share the same solution: ClaimCure.

Our services are tailored to help you organize your billing procedures and give you peace of mind.

Not every biller is an advocate.

  • Electronic claims processing to all leading insurance companies.*
  • Paper bills when necessary, including secondary billing.
  • Effective re-billing and follow-up within 20-30 days.*
  • Rejected claims re-processing.*
  • Monthly patient billing with outstanding balances (No additional charges for supplies or postage).*
  • Posting of payments.*
  • Reporting on Insurance/Patient payment, Account Receivables, and other information that is vital to your practice.
  • Appeals and investigation into compliance issues on your behalf.
  • A secure server for electronic storage of all claims and patient information.
  • A billing department seasoned in Medicare/Medi-Cal compliance.
  • A billing department that is HIPAA Compliant and HIPAA Certified.
  • Patient statement preparation, telephone follow-up, and letting you decide who you want to send to collections (we appreciate that office relationships are very important).


In addition to all of the above, your office will have full transparency and gain insight into your day-to-day billing activity with on demand reporting. This allows you to view claims status within 24 to 48 hours after submission. Plus, you get the benefit of monthly reporting from our software system, which uses its own clearinghouse, resulting in faster reimbursement. It also has the capabilities of Crystal Reports which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our professionals offer excellent solutions to all the problems of the client and are very accessible to answer any questions and concerns. We handle the billing from submission to payment, so you can be free to run your practice successfully.