Billing done right.

ClaimCure uses proprietary technology to process large volumes of claims and offers a revolutionary way to combat improper denial trends, outstanding claims and unfair payment practices.

Timely Claims Submission

Prompt billing within 24-48 hours of receipt, which includes claims submission.

Claim Scrubber

Improve accuracy by checking all claims against a database of more than 10 million common claims edits. Automatically scrub claims and make edits before filing.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Post copays, deductibles, and government and commercial payments instantly to patient accounts. Reduce paperwork and confidently store account information in the cloud.

Denial Management

Maximize your recoveries and minimize assignments to third party agencies with ClaimCure’s proprietary claims payment compliance letters and process.

Reporting and Analysis

Improve your fiscal health. Track reimbursements and outstanding payments with dozens of standard and hundreds of customizable reports.

Patient Statements and Collections

Minimize overdue copays with easy-to-understand statements, broken down by visit. Automatically print letters to patients with outstanding and delinquent balances.

Batch Payments

Record payments from multiple claims and patient tickets all at once. Turn claims over to secondary plans or patient responsibility in seconds.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Simplify your patient information with our electronic health records software:

  • Order labs and prescriptions in just a few clicks.
  • Update patient data in real-time.
  • Produce detailed practice reports.
  • Rely upon secure data-storage and dependable software.

We offer customizable software packages for nearly 100 specialties.
Tailor our software to your workflow with our flexible encounter templates.
Code patient encounters with improved accuracy and precision.
Fully integrate with our medical billing software.

Electronic Chart Management

Keep all your patients’ charts, labs, and other information at your fingertips. Update charts with voice notes, pictures, and other documents.

Patient Portal Software

Improve your records and give patients a way to update their own information without having to come by the office. Offer patients more control of their healthcare by placing your expertise at their fingertips.
With the portal, they can:

  • Schedule appointments and view availability
  • Update health and insurance information and share with other caregivers
  • Access personal medical records
  • Read additional information related to a diagnosis
  • Receive reminders and alerts from your office


Run your practice how you want to, from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. View schedules and patient charts, update billing, and record diagnosis at the point of care. Perfect for physicians working in multiple locations or making hospital rounds. Available for iOS and Android.

  • Transmit charges as soon as you hit save
  • Eliminate redundant forms and data entry
  • Trust secure, HIPAA compliant data transmission and storage

Live and Local Modes

No network connection? No worries! our mobile software’s local mode allows you to keep working by saving your changes and syncing them once the network is available.

Other Key Functions Include:

Charge Capture

Save time and record patient diagnoses and procedures at the point of care. Charges instantly sync to your account from anywhere, saving time and paperwork.

Encounter Templates

Record and share patient information, history, and diagnoses inside an intuitive interface that can be customized around your workflow.

Appointment Viewer

Stay current with an appointment schedule that changes in real-time. Make changes directly in the app and create charges by selecting an appointment.


  • Super-user capability to manage multiple clients’ accounts and billing at once
  • Advanced claim-scrubbing that ensures accuracy on the first submission
  • Same-day processing through our HIPAA-compliant clearinghouse
  • Batch payments — record multiple claims, copays and insurance payments all at once
  • Easy-to-understand patient statements and billing reminders that improve collections