What is ClaimCure?

ClaimCure Billing Advocates (ERN/CCBA)

You cure the patient. We cure the claim.

ERN/NCRA/TRAF has been providing training, advocacy and claims representation for 15 years. In our 15th year anniversary, we introduce ClaimCure.

This division is created with a mission to empower our provider members and the healthcare community with ERN specialists certified in billing, coding and representation.

Advocating for medically appropriate healthcare under the law, starts on the front end.
ClaimCure exists to provide denial prevention.

Why ClaimCure?


We handle the record keeping with state of the art medical billing software so you have unparalleled visibility into your billing operations without requiring you to micromanage.

Cost Efficiency

ClaimCure is the premier option for leaner billing overhead. Our price schedules are designed to optimize your cash flow. It’s your money. We’re here to help you take it back.

Enhanced Consistency

As a division of ERN/NCRA, ClaimCure is staffed with healthcare policy professionals, who are seasoned with claims compliance and navigating the regulatory system. ClaimCure also guarantees year round appeals-process handling and a consistent level of claim turnarounds. Our standards of success are unmatched.


When you partner with us, you are gaining a billing department that inherits the strength, honor, and legacy of ERN.

We reduce billing error denials and payment delays by initiating Billing Compliance Inquiries 15 days after bill drop to identify any “unclean” claim denials early in the revenue cycle. Our 15 day compliance inquiry also includes reminders to payors of state and federal prompt payment laws to reinforce timeliness. All of our staff have been HIPPA trained and are HIPPA certified.

Continued Education

Our billing professionals will be provided with continued education materials and receive updates regularly from Medicare and Medi-Cal. Investigation and research are important details in assuring ClaimCure is up to date on all changes in the healthcare industry, resulting in a continuous cash flow.